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Air Curtains

Aulair has also been manufacturing and installing air curtains for over 30 years and is considered by their peers to be leaders in this field. Air curtains are used for a variety of applications, ranging from thermal barriers at shopping mall entrances to fly and insect deterrents at retail outlets and other buildings.

While maintaining a clean environment, air curtains enable unobstructed traffic flow and provide energy savings. Aulair has agencies for air curtain sales in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

The air curtain enables traffic to flow unobstructed through openings whilst maintaining distinct environments thus resulting in energy savings.

Standard Models

This elegant slimline range of powerful modular air curtains, built to a high quality are suitable for pedestrian doorways up to a height of 2.7 metres and a width of 2 metres. They are used in shops, offices, retail outlets, manufacturing facilities, reception areas and warehouses. These units are available with hot water coils or electric heaters and finished in a high quality epoxy polyester powder RAL 9010. (Other colours are available on request).

This range meets with the specifiers and end users needs – low cost, continuously rated, easy to install and service.

VoltageMax air vol m3/hMax heightNoise level d(B)AWeight kg
ACD 10A0.52A60W220V/1 ph14902.7m55/5220
ACD 10W8kW0.52A60W220V/1 ph13002.7m54/5124
ACD 10E7kW10A*60W380V/3 ph14002.7m55/5223
ACD 15A0.52A60W220V/1 ph22002.7m56/5330
ACD 15W12kW0.52A60W220V/1 ph20002.7m55/5236
ACD 15E12kW17A*60W380V/3 ph21002.7m56/5335
ACD 20A1.04A120W220V/1 ph29802.7m58/5540
ACD 20W16kW1.04A120W220V/1 ph26002.7m57/5448
ACD 20E14kW20A*120W380V/3 ph28002.7m58/5546
* per ph Suitable for 230/400V supply.
LTHW at 80/60 Deg C



ModelA mmB mmC mm
ACD 10A1100300200
ACD 10W1100300200
ACD 10E1100300200
ACD 15A1600300200
ACD 15W1600300200
ACD 15E1600300200
ACD 20A2200300200
ACD 20W2200300200
ACD 20E2200300200

Fixing Details


ModelD mmE mmF mm
ACD 10A10401901040
ACD 10W10401901040
ACD 10E10401901040
ACD 15A15401901540
ACD 15W15401901540
ACD 15E15401901540
ACD 20A21401902140
ACD 20W21401902140
ACD 20E21401902140

T Range

The T Range has become the industry standard for air curtain design.

The T range will provide climate separation for entrances up to 3m in height and comes in standard widths of 1,1.5and 2m. Surface mounted units may be joined in order to cover wider spans. The T series is available as ambient unit (without heating) or electrical or water heated versions. Water heated versions are available with 2row coils for water in let temperatures of 70°C or above. In addition, recessed units are also available with 3 row coils for lower water temperatures.

The T series units are finished in RAL9010 as standard but can be colour matched to your specific paint requirement on request.  Electrical and water heated versions of T series are supplied complete with Ecopower control.  Motorised three port valves are supplied as standard with water versions.

Key Features

  • 2 year warranty
  • Ecopower controller supplied as standard
  • (heated versions)
  • Surface or recessed mounted
  • RAL
  • 9010 finish as standard
  • Colour match service available
  • Filters supplied as standard on surface
  • Mounted only
  • LPHW heated versions supplied with a
  • Motorised three port valve
  • Wall brackets supplied as standard
  • Fixings provided for ceiling hanging (drop rods not supplied)
  • Heating coil options to cover a wide range of water temperatures
  • Joining kits available for joining multiple surface mounted units
  • Electrical units can be downrated from three phase to single phase operation with reduced heat output (available on request)
ModelDimensions (L x D x H) (mm)Supply (50Hz)Loading (A) per phaseHeat Output (kW)Max Velocity (m/s)Max air volume (m3/h)Weight (kg)Noise output
db(A) @3m
T1500E1746x377x255400V~3P&N18.9 6/128192541575655
T2000E2296x377x255400V~3P&N28.1 12/188264052575654
Water 2row 82/71 T1000W 1196x377x255 1.19125029565554
T1500W 1746x377x255 230V~1P&N 1.5127.8182542575655
T2000W 2296x377x255 218250053575654
T1000A 1196x377x255 1.1132027565554
T1500A 1746x377x255 230V~1P&N 1.5-8192540575655
T2000A 2296x377x255 2264050575654